Last update: Februari 3, 2020

Create Blazor WebAssembly project with an ASP.NET Core Api

You can host a Blazor WebAssembly App as a static website, e.g. in Azure Storage, but because we use an ASP.NET Core Api, I prefer to use the Api project for hosting. Mind that this is NOT the same as a Blazor Server App!


  • See for more details: Get started with ASP.NET Core Blazor (in Microsoft Docs).

  • When you have the latest version of Visual Studio installed and up-to-date, the required .NET Core 3.1 (or later) SDK should be already present. But because Blazor WebAssembly is in preview, you must install the template for the Blazor WebAssembly App (you might even need to reinstall it after a Visual Studio update). Run in a command prompt:

     dotnet new -i Microsoft.AspNetCore.Blazor.Templates::3.2.0-preview1.20073.1

Create the solution

  1. In Visual Studio choose Create a new project
  2. Choose Blazor App
  3. Choose your project/solution name like BlazorExample and select Create.
  4. Select the Blazor WebAssembly App template (if not present, see Preparations above).
  5. Make sure to check ASP.NET Core hosted at the right and select Create.

Reorganize the solution

Three projects are created. In my examples I use a different naming convention, so I do some renaming of the projects. Don’t forget to rename the namespace!

  1. BlazorExample.Server. This will be our Api, so I rename it to BlazorExample.Api.
  2. BlazorExample.Client. I like to rename this to BlazorExample.WebApp.
  3. BlazorExample.Shared. I like to rename this to BlazorExample.Common.
  4. Set the RootNamespace of the BlazorExample.Common project to BlazorExample.
  5. In BlazorExample.Common add a folder Models and move the generated WeatherForecast class to that folder. Change the namespace to BlazorExample.Models.

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