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By Marcel Wolterbeek

Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to keep things simple. - Richard Branson

Knowledge Base with how-to instructions and references for Blazor, Azure, Xamarin and ASP.NET Core

I wrote a lot of Wiki’s for my customers to help them keep the knowledge about their projects. But this way, all information was scattered and duplicated, and almost impossible to keep up-to-date.

Also, it’s not hard to find some simple examples on how to get started on all kinds of Azure, Blazor, Xamarin and ASP.NET Core techniques. But to find examples how to continue in a professional way is a different story. And then again, when you finally found a good solution and want to continue or update it after a few months, you have to start your search all over again…

That’s why I started this knowledge base and the project. For my customers, for myself and for everybody else interested.

The ambition of this knowledge base is not to show some simple examples, but to have clear references and how-to’s for creating simple but professional solutions. And to keep them up-to-date…!

Copyright © 2020-2022 Marcel Wolterbeek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Source code and documentation licensed by a MIT license.